That is a Persona reference I see aww yeaaaaah.

[[Hellz yeah son]]

Well my main tumblr is a bit new but you can find me at Also am I following you? Please tell me I am!!

[[oh man you totally have been following me!!
My heart is moved <3 ]]

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[[Hey there my fly mama jamas

please feel free to hit me up with your personal tumblrs so the stalking can never end *kisses*]]

first thing he says when mati pulls out his dick

[[Hey everyone! Its been a while!

Is PDL still kickin? <: ) ]]

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I forgot what Kellys handwriting is supposed to look like

simple and sharp is all i had in mind

[[Im incredibly inactive so heres a doodle]]


( ´ ▽ ` )ノ Hello friends! I’ve noticed, what with the holiday season upon us and art projects abound, people have been very stressed out, with a lot of things on their plate! So, I’ve decided to make a giveaway just for fun, to encourage your spirits (and to give me something to do while I twiddle my thumbs and observe your despair)!


*One like, one reblog. Two entries for everyone! You guys know the drill, no giveaway blogs, etc.

*You have to be a part of PDL.

*You don’t have to follow me, but u should bc ur mISSING OUT IM REALLY RAD… (lie)

*I won’t draw explicit sexual art this time, but I’m fine with guro/gore, general nudity, and suggestive themes. 


1st Place 

  • A full-body pic of any one of your OCs with their pokémon.
  • A fanmix of at least ~6 songs that reflect your character, with personalized drawn track art and notes.
  • A sketch of your OC doing anything you want! Gardening, fishing, watching TV, playing guitar, blogging naked, you got it.

2nd Place 

  • A full-body pic of any one of your OCs with one of their pokémon.
  • Three tiny drawings of your OC in different outfits that I think would suit them/be cute/be hilarious.
  • A playlist of three songs that remind me of your OC. 

3rd Place 

  • A sketch of your OC doing anything you want. 
  • A song that reminds me of your OC. 

Let’s make this short and sweet? I’ll draw the winners November 16th. Anyway, please have fun! If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Good luck!

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ive played both dmmd and hadaka shitsuji and god the fucking butler game omg..

[[:))))) what quality tastes you have a friend]]